Iran and the Future of Turkey-U.S. Relations (October 2010)

The U.S. and Turkey seem to have adopted incompatible positions on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and its greater role in the Middle East.  Participants sought to explore whether Iran will act as an obstacle or opportunity when it comes to closer Turkey-U.S. cooperation in the region.  Participants probed each country’s foreign policy toward Iran, Iran’s domestic political dynamics, Iran’s regional role, Turkey’s economic relations with Iran, the objectives and efficacy of sanctions, and possible political fallout from a nuclear-armed Iran.  The Hollings Center partnered with the Istanbul Policy Center at Sabancı University and convened this Next-Generation Dialogue on Heybeliada, Istanbul.

[gview file=”2013/12/Dialogue-Snapshot-Iran-and-the-Future-of-Turkey-US-Relations.pdf” save=”1″]


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