Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Video Summary

In this informative talk, Dr. Rohan Jowallah of the University of Central Florida discusses the once-thought-impossible advancements that artificial intelligence (AI) brings to the educational landscape today. Emphasizing the potential for AI to revolutionize education through personalized learning, data-driven decision-making, and administrative efficiency, the speaker underscores the need for a well-defined framework to navigate the transformative process responsibly. Drawing parallels with the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, designed to control nuclear proliferation, the speaker advocates for a robust framework ensuring the ethical and responsible use of AI in education.

The talk raises concerns about the current trajectory of AI development, highlighting instances of data privacy breaches and the potential for harmful consequences. It stresses the importance of establishing a flexible and relevant framework that addresses ethical concerns, guards against misinformation, and ensures accountability in the deployment of AI systems. The speaker proposes five dominant principles, including ethical considerations, design principles, safety and security, privacy of data, and societal impact, to guide the development and implementation of AI in higher education. Acknowledging the transformative potential of AI, the speaker emphasizes the necessity of guardrails and a comprehensive framework to protect humanity, education, language, culture, and dignity from potential pitfalls.

Speaker Biography

Dr. Rohan Jowallah is an experienced educator with a wide range of teaching experience across different countries and educational levels. He has taught in the Caribbean, England, and the United States, working with elementary, middle, and high school students as well as university students. Dr. Jowallah has a diverse educational background, holding an Ed.D. in Language and Literacy in Education, an M.Ed. in Special Needs and Inclusion Studies, and a BSc in Psychology. He also possesses additional certifications and qualifications in teaching, learning, and social work. In addition to his teaching experience, Dr. Jowallah is a prolific researcher and writer. He has published a book, and several book chapters, and has served as a reviewer for international journals. His research interests include critical education issues and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Extended Reality (XR). Dr. Jowallah’s contributions to the field of AI have earned him invitations to speak at conferences and events worldwide. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Instructional Designer at the University of Central Florida and serves as adjunct faculty at two other universities. He is also on the university’s task force for AI. In addition, he is the Unit Head of the AI Education Unit for Strong People and Strong Families (SPSF) located in the Caribbean. Dr. Jowallah actively engages with technology in education through his involvement in various committees and maintains a YouTube channel where he shares his research and educational insights with a substantial subscriber base.


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