Post-Earthquake Morocco: Empowerment and Resilience

Post-Earthquake Morocco

Discover the impactful work of the High Atlas Foundation in post-earthquake Morocco, focusing on psycho-social empowerment programs tailored to rural communities. Learn how the Foundation adapts its Women’s Empowerment Workshops to address emotional, relational, and practical concerns amidst disaster. Explore the challenges of reaching remote areas and the resilience of forgotten communities in the High Atlas Mountains. Gain insights into the vital role of team energy and self-care in facilitating positive change and trauma recovery, emphasizing the importance of holistic support for both adults and children. 

The Center recorded this video during the dialogue program Disaster Management & Recovery: Creating Cooperative Opportunities – part of the Center’s Collective & Human Security series.  The dialogue occurred in March 2024.

Speaker Biography

Houria Chouhab is a versatile professional based in Marrakech, Morocco with a passion for promoting positive change in communities throughout the kingdom. She currently works for the High Atlas Foundation (HAF) as a psychosocial empowerment facilitator. In this role, she is actively involved in designing and implementing impactful workshops aimed at enhancing the well-being of participants. Recently, she conducted this work in programs related to recovery effotrts in post-earthquake Morocco.

Additionally, Chouhab’s commitment to community development is evident through her role as a part-time empowerment trainer. She leads women’s workshops in rural Moroccan communities that focus on leadership, self-confidence, and economic empowerment through cooperative formation. Prior to that, she worked as HAF’s USAID farmer-to-farmer field officer and coordinator. In this role, she spent nearly two years conducting assessments, designing training programs, and facilitating community collaborations in the Marrakech-Safi, Khenifra-Beni Mellal, and Oriental regions. This experience allowed her to promote sustainable agricultural practices and modern farming techniques in Morocco. Furthermore, it helped to promote the overall well-being of local farming communities in the kingdom.


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