Technology and Megacities

Nina Purwajati and Biondo Sanda Sima give examples of how Indonesia and other countries are using technology to address the challenges of megacities. They later discus the urbanization trends in Indonesia and their potential impact.

Nini Purwajati is a senior program manager with 100 Resilient Cities – pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC) Asia Pacific office in Singapore. She has been working closely with 100RC member cities in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. In her current role, she has been contributing to member cities’ resilience projects developments through her active facilitation, coaching and partnership building.

Biondi Sanda Sima currently devotes his time with the digital unit of the West Java’s newly elected Governor 2018-2023, Ridwan Kamil, as the head of implementation of Jabar Digital Service, under the auspices of the Development Acceleration Team (TAP) and the West Java’s Department of Communications and Informatics. The team aims to harness the use of the latest technology for efficient, responsive and innovative public services.


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